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    This is really cool. The first girl spotlighted in this video is actually from Middletown, Ohio and began training judo just down the road from where my son and I train. He is the same age as her and when they were both 15 her dojo came to ours for a little tourney. We didn't tell my son that she was a junior olympian. She beat the hell out of him. Everyone from our dojo gave him a hard time for years. We never told him how good she was. We are all grown men, yet couldn't resist the opportunity to make fun of someone for losing to a girl.

    The sad thing is that a couple of years later we found out that the son of her instructor (a man who was in his late 30s at the time) had been having sex with her since she was 13 while traveling the country to tournaments. He did go to prison but I'm not sure for how long or if he's even still in. What a schmuck!! Anyway, she's the first one spotlighted and it only takes a couple of minutes to watch.

    London: Top 5 U.S. Newcomers - Video | NBC Olympics

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    Thank you for sharing this. I will be watching for Kayla as the summer progresses. I am particularly enthused because she isn't a "petite" women's athlete. My daughter had Olympic aspirations until they decided that the only Olympic wrestlers had to be little women. I am looking forward to following her activities this summer.
    This was a real up-beat story until your second paragraph. Here in Southern California we have had a rash of coaches who have lost perspective of their relationship with their female athletes. There is absolutely no excuse. As coaches, we are entrusted with the most precious possession of a family - the children. We must - in every case - stand firm in protecting that possession.

    R.I.P. Cyrano and Roxanne.

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    Quote Originally Posted by M Richardson View Post
    I am particularly enthused because she isn't a "petite" women's athlete.
    That girl is a beast. Her shoulders are broad like a linebacker. She is truly built like a judoka with a big firm, strong core. In judo you have to get someone off balance in order to complete a throw, more so than in wrestling. My son said he couldn't pull, push or maneuver her in any way to get her off balance. That is due to her broad build and strong core. She is a very pleasant and shy girl who everyone who knows her ends up a huge fan. I can not believe how well she has handled her situation. I'm sure it still haunts her, but she seems to have been able to move on somehow. Of all the people participating in the Olympics this summer, she is the one I hope does well the most. Not just because I know her, but because she is really a good person that overcame something horrible.
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