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    Anyone have access to ESPN 360? I tried to log on to my account to watch the NCAAs and it said that I had to log on through a .edu or .mil address. Anyone know of a way around this? Or does anyone know how to tie my username to a school ISP (I watch it sometimes when I'm at School).

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    I hear ya isp, comcast is not affiliated with espn so I cannot see the wrestling. So, please help us wrestling talk nation.

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    If the school you attend has a proxy set up you can access the server remotely and have access to the University's IP block. (which is what ESPN360 verifies)

    This is an example using Rice University:

    Note: This method *should* work using the proxy @ even without a school username or any affiliation with the University because you aren't logging into email/chat/etc. I can't guarantee it, but it makes sense that it would work.

    Maybe if enough 'students' login from Rice they'll add a wrestling program.. lol

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