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    Default Rutgers....

    Up 10 points on the #2 team in the country.....4th quarter.

    If this season isn't a poster child for a playoff....i don't know what else is.
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    Default Re: Rutgers....

    You aint lyin'.

    30-27 Rutgers with six and a half minutes left.
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    Default Re: Rutgers....

    I always love the "over-rated" chant.

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    Default Re: Rutgers....

    Well, if there is one thing is for sure, Rutgers football is entertaining to watch. It's football at it's best and it's worst all in one game.

    When was the last time you saw an illegal forward pass called on a fumble return. Pulled 6 points off the board, that stayed off the board. Backyard football at it's best- Smmeeeeeeeeeear.

    RU had just enough to save this one. When the 4th Q rolled around and USF was driving - again, some had an expectation of another eventful close just like the Cincy and Maryland games. This time the penalties were on USF. That offensive interference call turned the Bulls into Bears.

    Mike Grothe - supers soph - put that kid on an experieinced team and he really is Heisman material. I have never watched anyone that is not fast, but is soooo elusive. It was like RU was trying to catch a greased pig.

    And what was Schiano thinking taking Ray Rice AND QB Mike Teel out for that 3rd and 2 in the first set. That was an absolute stunner to everyone. That maybe the worst play call I have ever watched. Biggest game of the year so far, opening drive to set the tone of the game, 3rd and goal from the 2 and you PUT IN THE JVs ? Yo, Grego what (expletive deleted) are you thinking? More than a few had an adjective laden comment for the illustrious "NATIONAL COACH OF THE YEAR".

    Talking about coaches, how about Jim Leavitt from USF. Heck, he's an entertainment package in his own right. You couldn't hear the words, but his animation was like watching a Daffy Duck cartoon.

    RU wasn't perfect, far from perfect, they weren't even great last night. 34 - 17 was a truer score, but it's a W thanks to a faked punt and a faked field goal.

    All in all, good game, but a very long night. This RU squad has definately earned that old moniker "The Cardiac Kids". No one has a clue as to what the final five minutes are going to bare.
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