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    He should have tapped.

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    Geez, how long did he hold that headlock? You can back someone out pretty quickly but you have to hang on for a while to actually kill them. I wonder how the law will view this- starts off as pretty straightforward self defense, but from the sounds of things the wrestlers must have continued choking an unconscious body for a while.

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    arm-spin - I had the same question when I read the article. He had better talk to a lawyer before giving the police too much detail on how he "subdued" the robber. Although I have no sympathy for the thief, a jury may not have the same values I do.

    R.I.P. Cyrano and Roxanne.

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    MR and Arm,

    I thought it was interesting for the same reasons.

    The coroner's report will be important as it should point to cause of the death. I'd like to think there won't be charges filed even if the cause of death points toward asphyxia as it shouldn't be hard to articulate they were in fear for their safety. I do admit it could get sticky.

    I wouldn't rule out drug complicated tachycardia/arrhythmia. I only offer that because of my involvement in two (of four) custody deaths. Basically both suspects were aggressively resisting. In one case we wrestled for some time before we were able to cuff and suitcase him. Another guy fought and was tased but kept on fighting. Both went into cardiac arrest shortly after cuffing. I don't recall the official cause of death but basically is was drug induced tachycardia.

    Nonetheless even if no criminal charges stem from this there most likely will be a civil suit which as you know carries a much lower burden of evidence---preponderance.

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