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Thread: Happy Birthday Elisa!

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    Default Happy Birthday Elisa!

    Hope you have a great one! We will have to do a belated birthday shot in St. Louis. Any big plans for the big day?
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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Elisa!

    Happy B-Day Elisa!!! DON'T give in to the temptation to snag one of those IOWA shirts you've been talking about. ; ) I just can't understand how anyone thinks they look good in IOWA gear (obvious jelousy.)
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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Elisa!

    Happy birthday girl!

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Elisa!

    Your friend Wool E Bull asked me to tell you happy birthday!

    Super 32 Challenge - October 26-27, 2013

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Elisa!

    Haha... Thanks everyone...

    I won't be wearing any Iowa gear, I promise! I just think they're cute! I already have my special shirts for each wrestling day... don't worry - one in particular that may get a few people talking....

    Homer, unfortunately, I'm what they call "lame" and will not be doing anything special... I plan on spending my extra time in STL this year making up for being lame and fully intend on "bringing it."

    Star - Aw man, I miss Wool E. Bull... I need to come down and visit NC... I miss Chapel Hill terribly!

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Elisa!

    Happy Birthday Elisa. You aren't lame.(well maybe a little)
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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Elisa!

    Cheers Elisa! Wish I was going to STL... but I'll be home working on the HS banquet stuff.
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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Elisa!

    Happy BDay Elisa!!

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