After following my home states State Tournament online I have a few observations I'd like to share and some praise to dole out ---
1) State specific (or area specific) High School boards are full of immature individuals who I HOPE are Junior High school age and cannot spell or communicate a coherent thought.
2) Many think the wrestler from their town or geographical area is the best in the state regardless of class and/or weight.
3) Name calling and immaturity must now be considered an art form in some cases.
4) I have realized how much I hate picking through the CRAP to find the peanuts.
5) At least half of the people put on their backs were "absolutely flat" ..."I was 15 sections away in the upper deck but it was CLEAR to me......"

You can add your own stories if you want but my point is this - THANK YOU to everyone on this forum that keeps the discussion relevent and civil. Thank you all for your insights and the way you all behave (the vast majority anyway.) It only takes a little time away from here to realize how good we have it. NOW on to the BEST time of year ... MARCH MATNESS!!!!!!!!!