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    How bout them Indians?? After last night I'm officially "All In" on the Tribe. No more circa 1997 Team. I really do think it's our time.

    And WTF was up with LeBron rockin the Yankees gear at the Jake?? Not cool. He apologized, that's forgiven but def not forgotten. That's just his age showing through.

    Good News is Braylon and Kellen are finally starting to grow up. Both are producing on the field and staying down off the field.

    Just checkin in since I haven't posted in some time..

    War Cleveland Sports

    K Snagger

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    Hey J, what's up?

    The BoSox rock our two Cy candidates but we still come home with a split. Good stuff.

    Lebron caught some lightning in a bottle to get us to the NBA finals, but proceeds to rock and break the bottle. Some repair needed there.

    Ohio State rocks to number one. TOSU defense has had to wear the goat's mantle since January and are smoldering for redemption. In Tressel we trust.

    Mr. Braylon Edwards rocks me with his on stage appearance as he gave 100 inner city young adults each a $10,000 scholarship, from his own pocket. He looked and spoke as a man. A magic moment for all concerned.

    Ohio wrestlers are poised to seriously rock in the upcoming college season. I think a lot of Ohio fans back home are going to be very happy when things unfold at this year's NCAAs.

    Hopin to see Cleveland vs. Colorado in the series. Would put my older son in a quandary. That would also rock.

    Rock on buddy.

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    Mr. Braylon Edwards rocks me with his on stage appearance as he gave 100 inner city young adults each a $10,000 scholarship, from his own pocket.

    That is HUGE on his part, one million smackers and he doesn't even get a tax deduction for it (unless he's doing this through a new Braylon Edwards Foundation). Maybe that'll set off an avalanche of giving on the part of these mega buck athletes. You know, he may make that back 10 fold from endorsements. Find me a sponsor that wouldn't want to be associated with MR. Edwards image in that community, especially after the game he had this past week.

    Look at what Vick could have done with all of cash he's blown away.

    I've often wondered what kind of numbers Braylon would have racked up if not playing for UM. I'm glad he was UM instead of OSU, (imaging having to defend Ginn AND Edwards ) he was a special talent saddled behind that nimrod coach, horrible OCs and soso QBs.

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    If TOSU gets to Michigan undefeated, I'd still be very wary of that game. Some great talent on this Michigan roster may take matters into their own hands.

    I'd agree that it would be much more dangerous if it was Bo coaching on the sideline.

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    Kenny Lofton goes yard on Daisuke!! WOW.

    They probably shouldn't have rushed him to the plate!!!!

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    All year long the Indians have punished opposing teams when they make a mistake. Boston finally made a couple of mistakes with one outright error (their first of the series) and Wakefield getting "unlucky" when he deflected Cabrera's tailor-made double play gounder.

    The punishment was severe.

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    Excuse me while I go puke..

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