I cringe even typing that title, but I'm just curious what you all think of this match up tomorrow?

I think that Dallas COULD win this game. First of all they need to concentrate with running the ball with Marion Barber behind their offensive line which is the biggest in the league. When they're throwing the ball I think they need to keep to lower risk stuff to Witten, and T.O, then maybe work the ball to Patrick Crayton on bubble screens, or reverses to get him the ball in space.

On defense, put Newman on Moss all day, and try and get him some help. Have a guy pop Watson at the line, and then work him with a safety. Send Ware after Brady all day.

They do this, and I think they have a shot. But since I think Wade Phillips is a bad coach, I don't think they're going to do this. I think Romo throws a bunch of picks again, and Brady picks apart a defense that tries to over complicate things.