A couple of contradictory lessons taken from my day's work today.
1. If at all possible, avoid physical contact with strong pepper spray and/or those who have been sprayed with such chemicals.
2. If you want to hit a really impressive high dive - have your opponent really sprayed up good before you hit your move. When you opponent is a) not a wrestler and b) almost blind from the spray it makes the move much easier to execute.
We had an incident today where one of our prisoners got "stuck on stupid". A staff member used a Mark 9 fogger - about the size of a home fire extinguisher - to apply chemical agents to encourage compliant behavior. This young fool chose to continue risistance. When it appeared that he was going to physically attack staff, I wrapped him up and took him straight over backwards - on a concrete floor. I rolled him over and we applied the handcuffs - problem solved. Except for the fact that he was covered in chemical agent - and I had just rubbed all of it (it seemed like) off on to me.
That was four hours ago. I have showered twice since then. Each time I shower, it reactivates the pepper. I am BURNING UP! My face, hands, arms, and, OH MY GOD MY ARMPITS are on fire. Under my watchband, and under my wedding ring! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
What really sets my knickers in a knot - ten minutes after the situation was under control - I am at a computer trying to complete the necessary reports. He is in the shower washing off the spray - AFTER HAVING BEEN SEEN BY A NURSE! (O.K., so maybe his ribs and back did hurt a little after having a heavywieght throw his little punk a$$ - I didn't get to see a nurse, and I had to finish the last 2 1/2 hours of my shift.) It seems to me that I should be able to finish my shift, drive home, and call the facility to say "O.K., I am about to step into the shower. You can let Pumba shower now." I mean, shouldn't he burn as long as I do?