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Thread: What are you listening to?

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    For guitar buffs. The first video is from the band Nashville West, which featured the late, great Clarence White on guitar. He was co-inventor of the B string bender, which is still used today by great country players, who are skilled enough to use it.

    The second video is Gene Parsons, who explains how the invention came to be and how the B bender works. Actually a cool mini documentary.

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    I just can't get enough of this band!

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    Hard not to smile while watching this video, pure '90's guitar band fun. Nuno Bettencourt of Extreme is one of the most underrated guitarists in rock, he is a complete monster (although this song is not a shredfest). I tried to play a lot of his stuff back when this was new, never had much success. If you're a guitar fan and don't have any Extreme in your catalogue, start with their first disk and just work your way through, great stuff.

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    One more Extreme as a bonus. This is Nuno playing "Flight of the Bumblebee" and then goes into "He Man Woman Hater"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flop The Nuts View Post
    I usually don't like southern rock unless it has a pretty hard edge (Skynyrd, for example) but I saw these guys on Palladia the other day and they're pretty damn good. This song is not one of their balls-out songs but it's fairly representative. I'm thinking Quinn and Ban have both been exposed to the band, wonder what you guys think? Vais lives in a state that pretends it's southern, maybe he's heard of them too?

    Just found the full concert:

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    Saw these guys last night with Jackyl. The cover of Bob Segar is sooo different, it's cool.

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    Pretty cool new band, kind of derivative of Faith No More but that's not necessarily a bad thing at all. Pretty funny video.

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    Thanks flop. I am now a fan. Got a guy at work listening to them too.

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    Well then you'll like these too, more from TFN. The second video has a Penthouse Pet in it, so there's that...

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