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    How did Sectionals go for Ethan?
    Super 32 Challenge - October 26-27, 2013

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    Sorry to take so long. Ethan lost his first match.He had a bye in the first round and then lost 7-3, but it was closer until right at the end. He got a wrestleback and won the first one 6-1 to a wrestler from our conference that he'd beaten twice before, then lost the wrestleback he needed to win in order to go to state. It's hard to say what he should have done differently. We live in an area that is not so strong and not near where there's a good program like Overtime. His record for the season was 43-4, but he didn't meet up with most of the best wrestlers at his weight during the season. He won OW in the conference tournament and won a 38 team Mid-States Tournament in Wisconsin. So he had a good season in some other ways.
    He was upset, of course, but seemed to be more sociable after he got a big burger in his stomach. I'm not sure there's any more competition in his future, he's a good student and will probably be at Iowa (that's in his genes on both sides of the family) but he's also accepted at Marquette and waiting to hear from Illinois.
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    That is one great season Bonnie. Though those last two losses hurt at the moment, when he looks back, he'll have his head high. He'll know he was successful in the toughest of sports that are out there. Ill is one tough state to become a champion. Looks like he's ready for the next big step. Be it Iowa, Marquette or Illinois, they're all great schools. Those 4 years will just fly by. All the best to him, you and the rest of the family.
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    As long as Ethan just goes to school at the University of Iowa, who could possibly fault him for going to a great academic institution?

    However, if he becomes a Hawkeye fan, I must intervene!
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    Ethan should be proud, not just for this season but his whole high school career. It is really hard to get downstate in Illinois, and he was in a tough sectional.

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    Ban, there's a lot of issues in my family. This was my nephew's wedding cake last year. You know how it is in Iowa.
    Thanks Blue. He was in a tough sectional and a tough weight (160). He lost to Koepke and then Ronne. I looked at the bracket and Koepke has Akui in the first round Friday. Yikes.
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