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Thread: Selig may pull the plug on Bonds and ARod

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    Quote Originally Posted by rustyshackleford View Post
    I'm not sure where you are coming from with the football comment. The NFL addressed steroids decades ago, and both the league and union have agreed to harsher penalties for users in recent years. It isn't perfect, and never will be, but the NFL addressed it when it was a minor issue, and didn't let it do near the damage to the sport that baseball did.
    Think about how often we see late-career resurgences in football players, Brett Farve last year, Kurt Warner this year, etc. A late career jump in stats like that happens in baseball and everyone and their cousin is yelling steroids.

    That and the fact that the size of players is going through the roof, I saw a stat last year that the average weight of a starting offensive lineman the on 2007 (1-15) Dolphins was like 50lbs heavier than the starters on the 1972 team.
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    Well, the guys in baseball who had late in their career resurgences, like Bonds and Clemens are known users, so yelling steroids with them is just stating a fact. The problem was that they were never tested, and basically allowed to do it. The NFL has tested for decades.

    As for athletes getting bigger, steroids is part of, but not nearly the entire story. Weight training, supplements, starting serious training at a younger age, a growing population making the pool of potential players all play a role. Height in the NBA has increased over the last 30 years, and that isn't due to steroids. HS kids are bigger across the nation, also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Big Stiffy View Post
    I think A-Rod's kinda getting the short end of the stick, which he does deserve since he cheated. He shouldn't face any punishment though unless the other 103 guys that also tested positive also get punished. I'm still not sure how to take A-Rod's statements though, I don't know if he's sincere or if it's just what his agent says will help his image.
    The first rule of crisis management is don't lie. Lie, you're apt to get caught and the PR coming out of it getting caught will be brutal. Case in point - Bonds & Clemens. And, I'm not just talking prosecution, Image is everything, it's why owners pay the the biggest bucks.
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