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Discuss Self Defense at the Non Wrestling Talk within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Alleged assailant says he acted in self-defense PORTLAND, Maine (AP) ? A North Carolina ...
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    Alleged assailant says he acted in self-defense

    PORTLAND, Maine (AP) ? A North Carolina man accused of breaking into a Maine home, attacking the homeowner in his sleep and leaving him for dead says he was simply defending himself.

    Ephriam K. Bennett tells the Portland Press Herald that he went into his neighbor's home in Standish because he was cold and needed to borrow some money. He says he defended himself after 55-year-old Richard Carlson insulted him and tried to take a swing at him Saturday night.

    Cumberland County Sheriff Mark Dion says the victim was attacked in his sleep, tied up with duct tape and then kicked and stabbed. Carlson is recovering at Maine Medical Center with stab wounds, broken ribs and cuts to his face and head.

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    The doctor administered the lethal injection in self defense because the condemned prisoner gave him threatening looks and had a documented history of violence.
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    good, that damn bastard had it coming. i hate it when i break into my neighbors house to steal, i mean borrow some money, and he gets all indignant about it.
    but then again, i may be retarded

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