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Thread: Worst offseason ever?

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    Quote Originally Posted by therick View Post
    Every time another name gets out, I wonder if my man Griffey Jr. is next? I doubt it, but you never know. Of course, if he is clean, it makes his numbers look even better.
    I'd be heart broken if he were named. I highly doubt it though as he has been extremely injury plagued and has slowed down a lot since his move to Cincy. Had he been on steroids I think he'd be going back up in production much like Bonds did.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rustyshackleford View Post
    Well, he fessed up today, admitting to using for 3 years in Texas. Baseball
    (with more than a little help from the players' union) has really brought this s--tstorm upon themselves. They should have started testing at least a decade before they did, and this whole mess would have been avoided.
    Do you really think more testing would have cleaned it up? Big-time cycling tests like crazy (sometimes multiple times a day during the big events, randomly throughout the off season - wasn't one guy kicked off the tour last year because he went on vacation for a week and didn't let the testers know where he was going to be) and they still have tons of guys using.
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    Yeah, I certainly think testing is better than not testing. Power numbers from the last couple of years are dropping, do you think that is coincidence, or evidence of testing working? There is now a fear of getting caught, where before there was none. Everyone inside baseball knew that roids were a growing epidemic in the late 80s/early 90s. It got way worse from there, culminating in what we got in 2003/2004. It could have been nipped in the bud when it wasn't so prevalent. For multiple reasons, though (bad press, not getting in a fight with the player's union, not making labor talks tougher, selling seats with guys hitting record #s of HRs...) baseball turned a blind eye to a minor problem and let it rage out of control. Its their fault, and the press is finally starting to say so, as well. Cycling is a bad example, IMO, also. In cyclying, like in track, the sport is so one dimensional that if everyone is using, no matter how talented you are, so are screwed if you don't use. Baseball requires more than just pure physical output. If cycling didn't test they would have ~100% using. From your post it sounds like you think there should be no tests at all?

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    And here I thought that you were referring to Joey Slaton!
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