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Discuss This One IS For The Heels at the Non Wrestling Talk within the Wrestling Talk Forums; ......just love it when the 'Canes go down....
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    Default This One IS For The Heels

    ......just love it when the 'Canes go down.

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    Default Re: This One IS For The Heels

    Ha ha.... yep that was a fun one to be at!

    Especially when, down 20-0, during a challenge review, the Miami players were all out on the field dancing around to the music being played in the stadium. Which, of course, drew booing from the crowd.

    After the review was over, Carolina comes out and the very first play is a reverse resulting in a 54 yard TD play.

    My favorite sportswriter ever had a nice take on it:

    This was Miami football.

    With 10:18 left in the first half, officials took a timeout to review a T.J. Yates-to-Hakeem Nicks pass that was initially ruled an incompletion. During the lull, the Kenan Stadium sound system cranked a bass line. All eleven Miami defenders, who had originally been huddled on the sideline, broke their huddle and went back to the line of scrimmage. And then, every Hurricane was in motion. They were jumping, they were jiving, and they were bouncing.

    This looked familiar. It looked like Michael Irvin and it looked like Ray Lewis and it looked like getting off the plane wearing camouflage. With Randy Shannon, a full-blooded Hurricane, at the helm, it looked like vintage Miami. This is what they do. They intimidate, they swagger, and most of all, they win.

    Enter John Shoop. Carolina's offensive coordinator does not intimidate. He does not swagger.

    He does, however, appear to have a proclivity for winning.

    Shoop saw all the bouncing and the aggressiveness and made the perfect play call. He dangled the bait by instructing T.J. Yates to fake a handoff to Ryan Houston. The Hurricanes were ready to swallow Houston. They were going to punish this insolent freshman. They flowed to the ball.

    But then, here came Brandon Tate around the end. And here was Yates flipping the ball to Tate. And 54 yards later, thanks to timely blocking by Hakeem Nicks, there was Tate in the end zone with a touchdown to make it 27-0.


    And this is Carolina football. Not flashy, maybe. Not a lot of organized dancing.

    But a lot of fun.
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