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Thread: Phelps admits it

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    Quote Originally Posted by UGLY View Post
    He was is South Carolina and the picture was taken at a frat party at South Carolina by another patron of said party.
    I said "if".

    Would it make a difference in your mind?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ground&Pound View Post
    Since the story broke in a London tabloid, perhaps Phelps was in Europe or elsewhere in the world when the photo was taken?

    Would it matter to anyone if he was smoking in a country that legalizes pot?
    It would really matter if it was legal where he was "caught".
    He is still in trouble with Swimming officials, because pot is on the banned substances list (silly rule, see Joe Waren, but still officially banned).

    Also sponsors don't care too much about the legalities, they are more concerned into paying a sponsor millions who has got caught doing something that is what you want role models. If he was filmed just as stupid but absolutely legal (maybe making racists comments) he would be dropped just as fast. If you are going to take the millions to be a sponsor...the public face of a product or coporation, you are held to a high standard.

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