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Absolutely brutal weather lately. Four days of rain - current temperature 42 degrees, with a predicted low of 35 tonight. My wife, although a strong woman, finally broke. She has spent the evening next to the fireplace, fortified with Irish coffees. I thought a trip out would be good for her. Break the cabin fever a bit. So I asked if she wished to join me on a foray to the hot tub. She looked at me as if I had gone mad, shivered, and returned to her book and drink. I have to admit the 30 to 40 feet to and from the spa were a test - brutally cold, but the time in the spa was worth the sacrifice, and it got me outside these four walls. When will this torture end? When may I expect my Southern California weather to return?
Wow...it was warmer in Wisconsin than in California...we were approaching 50 yesterday...crazy!