Fellow TNT folk ,
I need some advice . My surgeon wants to perform a total reverse shoulder procedure ! The last surgery failed and I have a piece of titanium floating loose in my shoulder . My Range of Motion is 50/60/50% and i cannot raise my arm anymore .Since I am right handed this presents a dilemma . I also have been sick for months-infection and high fever . I recently completed a month of physical therapy ( a waste of time and painful ), yet necessary .
My options are to go back on painkillers and do nothing or have this procedure and try to do SOMETHING . Problem is , I was faced with this same problem 3 years ago and had my shoulder replaced , then the implant came loose .I had nearly 3 good years in the interim .This surgery is FINAL, is the last option and is good for 10 years .
Somewhere I got shorted on the fear gene and thus most of my life's problems .I now know I am not invincible yet it took me 53 years to figure this out . Left to my own devices I would walk through an airplane propeller thinking it would only hurt every other time . I have been down this road before and it is difficult terrain . Hoping for some input from people I respect =wrestlers, ex-wrestlers, coaches and wrestling people .
Problems-chronic pain , no mobility, infections, live alone , fatigue
Biggest problem-will have to move into a hospice for a while thus missing fantasy wrestling season .
I do not know how to set up a poll so please answer this or PM me .
Thanks . you guys (and gals ) are the closest thing to family I have .