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Thread: Blogger or wordpress?

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    Default Re: Blogger or wordpress?

    Never tried blogger. I'm on WP. It is doing the trick.

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    Default Re: Blogger or wordpress?

    Quote Originally Posted by Snackem View Post
    Where did you go to register your domain and to have the site hosted?
    Quote Originally Posted by WhippetGrappler View Post
    Very easy website for free.

    Quote Originally Posted by Snackem View Post
    What does it cost?
    We paid like $78. You can check out all the options at the website.
    Package Details Click the '?' for more details FreeStarterEnhancedPro

    Ad SupportedFreeAs low as$3.75/MonthAs low as$7.50/MonthAs low as$16.67/Month
    Site Building Tools
    Mobile Website Mobile Site With AdsAd-Free Mobile SiteAd-Free Mobile SiteAd-Free Mobile Site
    Plus Premium Features
    Ad-free -
    24/7 Customer Support -
    Premium Templates -
    Free* Domain Name --
    Email* Addresses --5 Emails15 Emails
    Bandwidth 100 MB5 GB 25 GB100 GB
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    Web Store Items 5 Items10 Items30 ItemsUnlimited
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    Facebook? Ads * -$50 FREE Credit$50 FREE Credit$50 FREE Credit

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    A couple of you had mentioned wanting to read the blog if and when I got it started. Well I'm using blogger right now but I'm messing around with wordpress and even looking into tumblr a bit. I'm formatting and saving all of my posts in google docs first so that if I decide to move my blog to somewhere else it's easy to do. For now the address is feel free to leave comments there. I put a few posts on the blog section of this site and I may blog here simultaneously as well. I imagine that things will dry up content wise fairly soon until we get moved over there and that is why I've been somewhat reluctant to advertise the blog to anyone, but feel free to check out what I've got so far and follow it now if you wish.
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    Will do.

    R.I.P. Cyrano and Roxanne.

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