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Thread: Has anybody been watching ....

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    Default Has anybody been watching ....

    The Human Weapon on the History Channel?

    I caught a couple of shows and it is pretty interesting.

    Also, has anyone seen the previews for The Last One Standing on the Discovery Channel?

    This looks to be very interesting.
    Welcome to Full Contact Culture!

    Brad: Pro Lightweight Strongman
    Corey: Harvard Outdoorsman
    Jason: Florida State BMX Champion, 2006
    Mark: British Salsa Dancer and Kickboxer
    Rajko: British Fitness Professional
    Richard: Oxford University Sportsman

    Episode Guide. Find out what's on and when.
    Slide Show. Peruse photos from the show.
    In the thrilling new Discovery Channel series LAST ONE STANDING, six athletes ? three American and three British ? are immersed in the most remote tribes in the world, where they live alongside and train with indigenous tribespeople as they prepare to represent their host tribe in raw and intense competition. From death-defying Zulu stick fighting in South Africa to an arduous foot race in the Mexican mountains ? wearing only handmade sandals ? these men push their physical and mental limits to see who will be the last warrior standing. This new 12-part series premieres Thursday, Oct. 4, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

    The diverse group of athletes are at the top of their game: There is a BMX rider, a strongman competitor, an Oxford University sportsman, a hiker and endurance athlete, a kickboxer, and a British all-rounder and fitness professional. Together they compete in an array of tribal games and rite of passage ceremonies, where competition is frequently a metaphor for war. Completely immersed in a tribal culture, the adventurers live among the village warriors to train and prepare for the battle that lies ahead ? no concessions are made.

    Will the sprinter be able to keep up in the long-distance running competitions held by the remote Tarahumara Indians across punishing terrain in northern Mexico? Will the Florida BMX?er (who had never before left the United States) stand a chance against the fierce Kalapalo wrestlers in Brazil? Will any of the six make a showing while endurance canoeing in Papua, New Guinea?

    LAST ONE STANDING gives viewers an intimate look into parts of the world removed from civilization. The competitors travel to Kalapalo, Brazil (wrestling); Zulu, South Africa (stick fighting); Tarahumara, Mexico (endurance running); Mongolia (wrestling); Trobriand Islands (tribal cricket); Sumi, Nagaland (Akikiti kickboxing); Senegal (wrestling); Papua, New Guinea (canoe racing); Brazil (Kraha log racing); Peru (glacial challenge); Java (martial arts); and Vanuatu (canoe racing).

    The six competitors are Rajko, 29, a British all-rounder and former world record holder; Jason, 21, the 2006 Florida State BMX Champion; Richard, 21, an Oxford University sportsman who plays cricket, Rugby and croquet; Brad, 28, an American professional lightweight strongman; Mark, 26, a British salsa dancer and kickboxer; and Corey, 22, a hiker and endurance athlete. Each has different strengths and weaknesses, and all of them will be challenged as never before.

    The six athletes are from dramatically different regions and cultures themselves, and while forced to compete against each other, they also formed an unlikely brotherhood. For most of them, the journey was spiritual and emotional as well as competitive. As Corey from Alaska observes, "We came into this as a competition ? we put on our game faces during the matches. But as soon as we?re done with that, we?re family." As well, the competitors formed strong bonds with their host tribal families. Brad from Oklahoma remarks of the Mongolian villagers, "They took us in like family and treated us like their adopted sons

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    Last One Standing the first episode takes place in Brazil where they compete in some native wrestling. Interesting rules, grab a leg you win put an opponet on his side or back you win.

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    I have not seen either of them, but I'm definitely setting Last One Standing in my DVR, that looks great. Thanks for the heads up!
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    Default Re: Has anybody been watching ....

    I saw a few episodes of Human Weapon, a little hokey but not bad.
    I like that they give a little bit of the culture of the area they are visiting.

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    I hope to see Last One Standing.

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    you can watch the first episode online its available already.

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    i have watched human weapon quite a few times, the big guy is almost the spitting image of marty morgan...i did a double take a few times to make sure it wasn' was a guy named bill and he probably has a few pounds on morgan but they could certainly be brothers...
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