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    Default Free 411 Cell Calls

    You're probably aware that if you dial 411 Information from your cellphone or home phone, you'll get hit with a charge of up to $1.49 from the service provider. Google now offers FREE telephone information service. Load this one in your speed dial.

    1.800.GOO.G411 a/k/a 1.800.466.4411
    (Dailing 8 more digits is certainly worth a buck fifty to me)

    It's a free service that not only includes the telephone number but the address too. Unlike the other services, it also offers optional addresses. Let's say you want a local Best Buy, but your not sure which town it is in. Just guess the town, and it gives up to 8 options. Also, it actually gives you the number and doesn't automatically connect you without the number. Want a record of the number, it will text message the details to you.
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    For those of you texting people, you can also text "google." I use it all the time.
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