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Thread: Name five inventions that changed your life.

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    Default Name five inventions that changed your life.

    As the title says, I'm interested in reading what five inventions has really changed your life. It can be as significant as penicillin or the zipper but try to make it personal. Just let us know what has really impacted your life for which you're grateful (or not so grateful--the door is wide open).

    Internet - the instant access to the world

    Computer/smart phone - I flat out love this age. I can store, retrieve all sorts of data at my finger tips. Regardless of the risk, my cell carries my life.

    Modern medicine, dentistry included (pretty broad and vague, I know) - I've needed it more than I prefer.

    Air conditioning - I've practiced enough in heat and I hate it anymore.

    Automobile - I love the freedom it provides. I almost listed modern travel so it would encompass both the car and air but decided to be a little specific. But I love being able to board a jet and in twelve hours be on the opposite side of the planet.
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