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Thread: James Harrison Wins DPOY

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    Default James Harrison Wins DPOY

    1. James Harrison: 22 Votes
    2. DeMarcus Ware: 13 Votes
    3. Ed Reed: 8 Votes
    4. Albert Haynesworth: 5 Votes
    5. Troy Polamalu: 2 Votes

    It appears my prognostications about Ed Reed's late run were incorrect.

    Very well deserved for Harrison, and he won it with a larger margin of victory than I expected for anyone.

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    Default Re: James Harrison Wins DPOY

    I am also surprised. Very deserved win for Harrison, but I'm surprised by the disparity in vote totals, and saddened that a glory hog like Demarcus Ware had that many votes.
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    Default Re: James Harrison Wins DPOY

    Surprisingly I think that the media generally got the major awards right this year.

    Harrison was a good call for DPOY.

    Peyton Manning was an easy call for MVP, Jerod Mayo was an easy Defensive Rookie of the Year call and both won their awards nearly unanimously.

    Then Matt Ryan was a solid call for Offensive Rookie of the Year although there were a group of guys there that you really couldn't have gone wrong with no matter the choice.

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    Default Re: James Harrison Wins DPOY

    The Steelers players say he is the first guy at practice and the last to leave.

    It's nice to see hard work pay off.

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    Default Re: James Harrison Wins DPOY

    Good for Harrison, good for the black & gold. He has been having a good season. I got to meet him in 2007, he was great to deal with and had a good sense of humor.

    I like to see people love what they do.
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