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Thread: Meet My New Pup

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    Looks completely innocent. Shouldn't be ANY trouble!!

    Nice touch naming him after a Maryland wrestler...
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    With a name like Mookie, he's a can't miss Frisbee champion
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    Cool looking pooch. Mookie, huh? You really are a mets fan. Mookie is better than Doc or Straw, though.

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    Excellent, very cute.

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    good lookin dog mets.
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    Thanks guys.

    rusty - My last two dogs were named Hershey (he was a chocolate lab mix) and Ziggy (wanted to name him Marley but that seemed more like a girl's name plus my older son said that if he has a daughter he'd like to use that name - so he didn't want to have a dog with that name first, although I don't know if he'll use it now with that movie out - Bob wouldn't work - so we went with his son's name). This is the first dog name that had anything to do with the Mets, and it was suggested by my son - I think that was one way he figured he could convince me to get a dog My favorite player from that era is Hernandez but neither his real name nor his nickname (Mex) works for a dog IMO.
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    I got him from my local SPCA but he supposedly came from Louisiana. What kind of dog do you think he is? They had his kennel labelled as "Lab/Hound Mix" ... I think not from the looks of him.

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    looks like he's got some pit bull in him.

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