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    As much as I love Harrison and Polamalu amongst others I think he may be on his way to taking home his second DPOY award with the way he's come on near the end of the year.

    Just picked off his 10th pass of the year, and ran it back to the house for his 4th touchdown to put Baltimore up 10-3.

    Guy is ridiculous.

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    True MVP overall. I wish the Bears could get that 230lb safety from USC if he comes out.
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    what was the stat i saw yesterday...5 picks in 3 postseason games?

    dude is unreal.

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    He picked off a 2nd one yesterday to give him 11 total for the season.

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    His two picks yesterday makes it three straight games, and 5 out of 7 that he has two ints. That is unreal.

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