Watching a Rocky marathon on AMC. So I thought I would ask the question. What are the most inspiring moments in sports movies? Here's mine in decsending order:

1. Adriene showing up in Russia in Rocky IV
2. Robert Redford breaking his bat and then grabbing Wonderboy for the winning homerun
3. Louden Swain's chick saying "Hey Louden, kick his ass!"
4. The scene in Tin Cup when Kevin Costner was in the lead and screwed up that ONE F-king hole. But he didn't ask for a drop, he just kept trying to hit his shot. (Weird, I know, but it's the "never give up spirit" that got me)

The Best, in my opinion is:

5. Rocky II. Just after his son was born. Adriene says she wants to tell him something. She tells him to lean down. He does. She says "win".