As I finished Lee Child's 61 hours, I couldn't imagine how Jack Reacher made it out of that situation alive. It was Child's version of the kobayashi maru of Star Trek fame.

But make it he did and Reacher, one of fiction writing's all-time most capable characters, has lived on to continue his remarkable wanderings across the USA. His latest stop, chronicled in the book, "Worth Dying For", comes in an obscure wind-swept corner of Nebraska where once again he helps the locals (at least a few of them) help themselves. But they can't do it without him.

Child provides one great moment of humor and irony when he plots out that three different Vegas criminal figures, part of the delivery "chain", and who have become concerned with the, then, current smuggled shipment, each decides to send "representatives" to Nebraska to exert control.

All of the dots are connected at the end, when it is discovered just exactly what that vicious family, who controls the land and all it's population via it's transportation monopoly, are actually smuggling.

I'm looking forward to the next Reacher adventure.