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    Only an inch or so but it snowed. I hope it will be gone by this evening or Sunday afternoon at the latest.

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    I will laugh at you now. Only because 300 other days during the year, most can laugh at my weather.

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    Where are you Quinn?

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    Cincinnati area. A typical week during this time of year will have a sunny day around 85 degrees. Then a 50 degree day, followed by a 65 degree rainy day. Only to end the week with a hazy, sleet at about 35 degrees. Summers are hot and humid. Winters are cold and long. Spring and fall only seem to last about a week each.

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    Well, YOU can laugh now pm. I have spent 6 hours sucking up water in my basement, 16 gallons at a time. I suck it up from one part of the basement and wheel it to the other side and dump it into the sump pump. Since the "floaty thing" on the pump has decided not to work, I then have to lay down and pull it up so that it kicks on. After the first 30 minutes, I decided to play music loud and crack a few beers. I had to skip judo and my back is destroyed, but Motley Crue still sounds good and the beer is still cold.

    Rainiest month in Cincinnati area history. CRAZY WET HERE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quinn14 View Post
    Rainiest month in Cincinnati area history. CRAZY WET HERE.
    Feeling ur pain here too. Fortunately, no water in the basement.

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