I have decided that I want to try a semi-vegatarian diet. I still drink milk, eat cheese and eggs. But I have been off the meat for 2 weeks now. I was wondering if anyone knew of a nice restaurant to go to which serves this type of thing. I realize that I could order pasta or something like that at pretty much any restaurant, but I am actually trying to broaden my horizans. My wife said she didn't want to "smell like curry", so I am guessing that Indian food is out. Unless anyone knows how to order Indian food. I worked with a buddy who was Indian and he used to bring a bunch of stuff to work and let us try it. I don't know the names of it, but it was vegatarian and not with curry.

If anyone could tell me what means what in an Indian restaurant, I would be appreciative! Or if anyone knows how to order oriental without rice, I would like that too. I just don't like rice.