Maybe I'm thinking too much about this, but I can't help it. I saw today on ESPN that you could vote for something and one of the choices was Anthony Robles "the one-legged wrestler".

I tried putting myself in his shoes and I would think that once I won the National Championship I may start thinking that I would finally be looked at as an equal. I know that his story is shining a positive light on wrestling and that's cool. I'm just wondering if well intentioned people (like ESPN) are making him think "Damn! When will they just see me as a National Champ and not a one-legged National Champ!"

I heard him say that he wanted to be a motivational speaker. I would bet that he would be focusing on overcoming obstacles, not necessarily being one-legged. He and Cejudo would probably make a good speaking tour.

I am just wondering if these guys get frustrated by the label of "son of an illegal immigrant" and "one-legged wrestler". Anybody else think Robles may be a bit frustrated by that?

I just noticed that I put this in nonwrestling talk. If it needs moved, my bad. Maybe the politcs thread?