Watch: Woman Videotapes 2x4 Crashing Through Car Windshield

Updated: Wednesday, 06 Apr 2011, 9:07 AM EDT
Published : Wednesday, 06 Apr 2011, 9:07 AM EDT

(NewsCore) - It has been labeled the "most terrifying car accident ever recorded on tape" -- and despite suggestions it may have been a prank, the clip of a plank flying into a car's windscreen on a North Carolina highway was on Tuesday revealed to be no joke.

Wendy Cobb, from Shelby, N.C., told auto blog she was filming two vehicles playing a dangerous game of "cat and mouse" on her camera phone, with the intention of sending the footage to the companies that own the trucks.

Then suddenly the two-by-four plank of wood crashed through the windshield.

"The two-by-four was in the road, along with several others, but when the truck in front of me hit it, and then his trailer hit it, it just propelled it into me," Cobb said.

"I don't know why I didn't scream or cuss or cry, I guess just pure shock, I could barely form words to call 911.

"But I most definitely know how lucky I was. Damage was mostly the hood and windshield, again, very lucky."

As the accident occurred last Friday -- April 1 -- many people had first assumed the video was an April Fools' Day prank, but police have verified Cobb's story.

No one was hurt in the accident.

Cobb said she posted the video online because her son wanted to see if they could get more than 1,000 hits, but she was forced to disable the comments after she was criticized for filming while driving.

More than one million viewers have watched the 40-second video on the blog and more than 300,000 have viewed it on YouTube.