A 17-year-old Wayne Township student accused of punching a teacher in the face faces preliminary charges of felony battery, disorderly conduct and intimidation.
A school police officer wrote in a report that he saw the student punch Robert Keeler "with a closed clenched fist," at 12:15 p.m. Tuesday at Sanders School, 4730 W. Gadsden St.
The punch knocked Keeler to the floor, and he suffered a swollen chin and lip and hurt his ear, according to the report.
The report said Keeler had picked up a stray folder on a table. The student said it belonged to him and that if Keeler did not give it to him "he would be sorry," according to the report.
He then punched the teacher, according to the report.
Sanders serves students with behavioral and emotional problems, according to the school's website, which said Keeler is an art and music teacher.
The Star generally does not identify juveniles charged with crimes.
EH/MH -(emotionally and Mentally handicapped kids ) is an area I worked in for several years. These kids -25 years ago-were special Ed or just kicked out of school. Thanks to the change in federal laws - if a ''student'' is labeled EH/MH the school receives 3 x the amount of money for each EH/MH kid than a ''regular '' student.
Wayne Township has at least converted a closed elementary school to house these kids-before that they were in isolated classes 5 periods and 2 periods in mainstream classes.
IF you have an honor student you should be outraged as Honor students get 1/10 the attention these ''students'' receive. IMO, who ever changed the law should have his/her kid yanked out of Andover and ''sentenced '' to one of these schools.