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Thread: Most revered streaks in sports

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    Default Most revered streaks in sports

    They actually put some wrestling in this.

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    I would move Karelin ahead of Sanderson and I would move Iowa wrestling above UCLA for the championship streak. But I guess it is the most revered streaks and wrestling is not as revered as the big three sports ins the media's or Americas eyes.

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    I am sorry, but I am a huge baseball fan and I've never understood the fascination with Dimaggio's hit streak. It happened at a time when America needed something to look forward too, that's it and I understand people of that age latching on. But, come on. As far as baseball records go, that one could be beaten by any jackal who plays 57 straight games. You always have a chance to get a hit if you swing the bat.

    The Johnny Vander Meer consecutive no hitters is what is really impressive. Think about it, the only way to beat that record is to pitch THREE CONSECUTIVE NO HITTERS! Won't happen. I am not saying Dimaggio's streak will be broken, just saying it gets too much credit when this one gets none.

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    I can't believe the "last word" thread from the other forum didn't make the cut.

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    Jimmie Johnson/Nascar what a crock of mule dung. About the only one I do agree with in their ranking is DiMag. Obviously the ranking was developed by some dweeb from the south wannabe that always read about sports in the newspaper, but didn't participate because of his 4 eyes.
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    Not a streak, but records not to be broken any time soon, if ever.
    Cy Young's baseball records for wins (511) and loses (316)
    Will anybody ever reach 827 Major League win/loss decisions? Don't think so.

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    find it hard to believe Carolina Women's Soccer isn't in there somewhere... although I guess as far as actual "streaks" their most consecutive NCAA championships was 9. Which is still 3x as many as Penn State volleyball... whatev...
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    No real comment about the streaks, but, folks, as one who played hockey in my youth, this is just bad ass! To not wear a face mask has always baffled me!

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