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Thread: This is crazy

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    You pretty much said it all Ken.

    1) I can't believe they put the effort together to rope that whole thing off and that the whole community was so aware of this. Is this some sport that I've never heard of?

    2) I'm just thoroughly amazed.

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    Apparently the dog wasn't aware of what was going on!

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    By the time this was finished, I was exhausted. My legs ached and I had a stiff neck from trying to look up to see what was coming next. Great vid. Thanks, Ken for sharing this.

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    Sadly, this is probably just a trip to the market for kids in that country. The real trick is making it back without breaking your mamma's eggs!

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    I've watched it three times and I'm still not sure that I've gotten my mind around how incredible that was. I'd love to see some different angles of some of those drops, jumps, and stairs. Incredible.
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    holee phk popped outta mouth about 5xs. I had to grab my nadz a few times as I thought he was gonna wreck. A mistake on that course could cripple u.

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    I'd like to see him do it starting from the bottom of that hill.
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