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Thread: Done with law school

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    Default Done with law school

    Jacob Schlottke---Gone too soon, and the world is a little less bright because of it. RIP, brother.

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    Default Re: Done with law school

    XL3 - congrats there. We'll have to amend your kmoniker now. How's Esquire Bannigan ?

    Gotta position lined up yet ?

    My son has one exam left on his 1st term L2. He's been interviewing for a job next summer. He hit as an assistant to the GC of a major utility comany. He'd prefer a law firm for the pay, but accepted it since he was only the third in his class to get offered anything that offered a pay check. The school just came back with information that 55% of the firms interviewing for 09 internships won't be able to fill the positions. Not a good sign.

    He did a non paying internship in the office of the NJ State Attorney General last summer and was assigned to NJ Dept of Environmental Protection, working under the soon to be USEPA administrator. That got him 1 day week position in the USEPA Regional Office in NYC this past fall.

    So what area do you want to get into civil law, politics, business, intellectual property ?
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    Default Re: Done with law school

    Congrats my friend, after watching what my ex went through in her three years, I have a ton of respect for law students and the work they have to go through.
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    Default Re: Done with law school

    Congrats on graduating from Med School......!
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    Default Re: Done with law school

    Congratulations! Raarrrr.
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    Default Re: Done with law school

    Congrats, Attorney Brannigan! My daughter is in the middle of her first year, first semester final exams - actually two papers and three exams. So far, she's doing well and likes it.
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    Default Re: Done with law school

    Congrats. Now just that pesky Bar exam.
    RIP Jacob Schlottke; KR1963 and rpayton

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    Default Re: Done with law school

    Good for you - now are you available for free legal advice?

    R.I.P. Cyrano and Roxanne.

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    Congrats big guy...

    All I've got left to go is student teaching.

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