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    As you may, or may not have noticed, post counts have apparently reset themselves here. I don't know how, or why.

    I'm sitting here listening to Mike's radio broadcast and have been gradually setting the counts back to normal of some of the high posters from the old board.

    I'm doing my best to hit everyone, but those of you that were on the old boards that have changed names, if you want your post count set to the higher level post your old name, and post count in this thread. I may just miss you too, so if I do that, do the same.

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    i would like my post count back, but i don't know exactly where i was at

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    Got you.

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    I think I was ranked #42 recently??? Not sure of the # of posts???
    Those of you who think you know it all really annoy those of us who actually do ;)

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    Quote Originally Posted by maroon-n-gold View Post
    I think I was ranked #42 recently??? Not sure of the # of posts???
    I gave you your posts back, but I've given posts to some people who didn't ask for, or didn't know that they could ask for them the first time around. So you seem to have been bumped down a little bit.

    You want that ranking back, I guess you're just going to have to post more.

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    the system ran a post update cycle- I can fix it (hopefully) when I have a computer back in front of me. (I'm on my phone in the middle of no where right now)

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    Man you guys work hard on this site. Thanks for doing it I really appreciate this forum and the people on it and all because of you guys.

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