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Thread: I've heard of over training but DAM

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    You still didn't prove that his past couple of seasons were lackluster. You are complaining about off field issues and if people are mad about that, then okay. But you said his past couple of seasons before he got a raise were lackluster and that is not true. He is the most successful "on-the-field" coach in the history of the program and that can be proven by looking at his team's success during his tenure. You just let your hatred of a school spill over into a statement that can not be backed up. And even though this season was lackluster in the regular season, they did beat the 12th ranked team in the nation in their bowl game and were 1 of only 3 Big Ten teams to win a bowl game this year.

    One last question. Why are you always frying such big fish?
    As I said, who cares? People In Iowa are unhappy and feel that we aren't getting what we are paying for; bottom line.

    As for your question, my mother has Alzheimer's and Sundays are typically my days when I try to talk with her and my dad, especially my dad about her progress and what future plans that we are going to have to make soon.

    Trust me, unless you've dealt with it, you'll never get it.
    UNI Panthers...Because it's just right.

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    I am sorry to hear about your mother. I was trying to lighten the mood with the fish comment. You seem to have gotten yourself all worked up and I didn't see a need for it. I also wasn't trying to debate your off-field points about the Iowa football program. Just pointing out that Ferentz is a good on-field coach. Believe me, in Ohio we would love to have a coach who can make his players perform better than expected. Instead of having a coach who recruits the best players in the nation, only to have them embarrass us more often than not in the bowl game. Trust me, Tressel wouldn't even have a winning record with the recruits that Iowa gets and OSU would probably be several time defending national champs with a coach like Ferentz.

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