I'm wondering if anyone has found a good free video editing software. I've used Premire (several versions), iMovie, Windows Live Movie Maker, and Pinnacle Studio 10. I don't need to do a ton, and I actually liked Pinacle, but when we got Windows7 Pinacle does not support it and without paying for the "new" version it won't work. I don't dislike windows movie maker, though it doesn't do much it gets the job done, but I'd like to find one with a timeline view instead of a storyboard view.

The main use for this is going to be to make highlight videos for my wrestlers, and short home movies. I also help out with the Boy Scouts to make short movies about our trips and occasionally we'll shoot a movie with an actual plot.

I've come across this link (Top 5 Free Video Editing Software Programs)but I'd like some input from others if there is any.