Detroit keeps commenting on the fact that electric vehicles are to expensive to make and manufacture and yet people making them one by one are making better and cheaper models of totally electric vehicles than anything Detroit has even suggested they can make.

Even the Washington Post was talking about this yesterday. Detroit's problem is hey can't find a way to make these cars and make a profit off of them. Let me interpret this to what they really mean.

" We can't find a way to make these cars and redo the glory days of selling gas guzzling SUV's to Americans like we did in the 90's and early 21st century when we made the most money we have ever made since the inception of the industry. "

Evidently no one in Detroit has read the new business model the economists of Bloomberg have predicted will come out of this new economic model being created for the next generation. Gone are the years where 10% profits are assured. Corporations will be lucky to make 1-2% profit and should be glad to get it when they do.

All of this leads to the bailout issues we are dealing with right now. If we continue to bailout these old world business men who will not accept that we no longer are interested in supporting their fat cat lifestyle, then things are going to get worse and worse for the majority of us. It would be better to allow these businesses to fail, and focus our attention on making sure our government is ready and willing to step in and accelerate the bankruptcy process to a point where people who work for them will only loose a few weeks pay, covered by unemployment benefits while the courts restructure these vital industries with new management and a new goal for the future.