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Thread: Who Does Detroit Think They Are Fooling

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    Quote Originally Posted by ODH View Post

    My take on the problems with US car companies are:
    1. Health care and retirements costs are killing their profits. They have way too many retirees and not enough workers to conitnue supporting all the retirees. Nationalized health care would be the best thing in the world for them.
    2. High labor costs due to Union contracts.
    3. Reliance on SUVs and trucks for all of their profits. Where this market tanked because of high gas prices they had nothing left that was profitable or consumers wanted to buy.

    I don't know enough to comment on #3, but I agree completely with 1 and 2.
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    1st the Lions are not totally worthless they can alway be used as a bad example! Next for next to nothing we can turn gasoline cars to Compressed liquid gas lowering emissions and lower oil imports. but until a guy who in Texas who screws on four bolts to hold the bumper on makes less than $97000.00 a year without benifits and overtime cars will still cost a lot. a bolt screwer makes 2 to 3 times a teacher. good call.

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