TTech, no. 2 across the board may not even get a BCS bowl if the lose Saturday. Sure thing, No.4 Texas will leap frog them and the chosen ones will be hard pressed to place them in front of No. 5 Oklahoma. Since only 2 teams from any conference can go to a BCS bowl, Texas Tech would likely be the odd B12 out.

Get a load of this: There is a chance a 7-5 Rutgers team can go to the Orange Bowl as the Big East champs. Lotsa ifs, but.........

Rutgers must win out, beating Army Saturday and Louisville, Dec 4., Rutgers will be 5-2 in the Big East.

IF, Pitt beats Cincinnati and UConn, but then loses to West Virgina they are 5-2, but Rutgers gets the title because they beat Pitt.

AND, IF Cincinnati loses to Pitt and Syracuse, Cincy ends 4-3. Highly improbable, but it will be the last game of the season, so who knows. WVU tanked against Pitt last year.

AND, West Virginia beats Pitt, but loses to Louisville and South Florida they end up 4-3. Now losing to 2 of the 3 worst teams in the conference in consecutive weeks is about as likely as drawing a straight flush in two hands of poker.

AND, U Conn loses to Pitt even if beats South Florida, tehy end up 4-3
Given all of that, Rutgers would still need to be ranked in the Top 25 of the BCS. When was the last time a 7-5 team was ranked in the top 25? Never, but there is always a first time. Rutgers has been playing hot the last 5 weeks.