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    At 10 AM Saturday I cleared about 3 inches off my Taurus wagon. At 6 PM I cleared another 4 inches off the car. At 10 AM Sunday morning I was looking at another 14 inches neatly piled on top of my car roof(which meant there was virtually no wind as the snow fell). As I drove on the streets I didn't even have the heart to snicker at those who were driving without clearing their car roofs.

    We hear that global warning means less ice on Lake Erie which means even more lake effect snow. Arghhhh.

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    If you get enough maybe you can find 2 snowflakes the same. They did in upstate New York earlier this year.

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    Sounds like a good enough reason to leave the snow belt. I grew up about 30 miles from Lake Erie in PA, then went to college about 13 miles away from that great big lake... which just meant TONS OF SNOW... I went back for Easter this weekend, and the snow just did not stop!
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    I hate the snow. Since I moved back to NC from PA a little over a year ago, I've only seen snow once, and that was once too much!

    It has been chilly here though. Easter morning was actually colder than Christmas morning was this year!
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    I hate the snow.

    I know. I know.
    Otherwise, you would have been named Snowdust.

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