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    Between school, work, wrestling, and sleeping, many of you probably don't have time to do much else. But if you do, what is it? What takes up your spare time?

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    Brewing beer and mead. Living with greyhounds (and cats, and rats, and goldfish, and assorted other critters). Keeping track of adult children. Messing around in the yard. Trying to keep the house from falling down.

    By the way, what is that "sleeping" thing you are talking about?

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    This month I'm taking on my annual bout with leaves. With more than 50 trees about, plus wind blowing the neighborhood trees over to me, I have more than my fair share.
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    Well when work and wrestling are not taking over my life: hanging out with friends, watching football, hosting parties, cooking, baking, crafts, shopping.
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    Poker, hanging out w/ friends, golf (I suck and hardly ever play but hope to change that), and watching sports.
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    I actually love politics, but for fun, music and magic, depending on the mood. I have been doing magic since I was 12 years old and have met and performed with some of the greats, my favorite was John Calvert, and spending about 2 hours one on one with Harry Blackstone Jr. I even have a lot of stage illusions I can do, they are easy, the close up stuff is what amazes me as it takes so much work and effort to get right. I also pick up various instruments and play to relax. I miss the mountains for that.
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    my hobby is raising two children. takes most of my time and money. two girls one is 15 and the other 19 and away at college. but not too far from the wallet.

    the question for me is "what do i want to do 5-10 yrs from now?" after both kids are gone and i can spend time on myself.

    1. i want to go live in another country for 6 months to a year.
    2. i want to give back to those in need, maybe a habitat for humanity build or something like that.
    3. a little wierd, i want to try to live primitively for a year, like the amish. no modern convenience.

    i hope these experiences will knock some of the jade off of me and help me to appreciate all that is taken for granted.
    but then again, i may be retarded

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    I love skiing. Skiing and beer bongs.

    Course I only go once a year, if that.
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    Irish dance, watching football, reading, watching movies, playing around on the computer with graphic design.

    oh, and my secret guilty hobby is watching bad reality TV shows.
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