A live, shaved, declawed gerbil
a bottle of Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup
an ax handle
a 9-inch zucchini
a 14-inch vibrator with two D-cell batteries
a plastic spatula
a 9-1/2 inch water bottle
a Coke bottle
a 3-1/2 inch Japanese float ball
an 11-inch carrot
an antenna rod
a 150-watt light bulb
a screwdriver
four rubber balls
72 jewelers’ saws
a paperweight
an apple
an onion
a plastic toothbrush package
a frozen pig’s tail
a 10-inch length of broomstick
an 18-inch umbrella handle
a banana encased in a condom
two Vaseline jars
a whisky bottle with a cord attached
a teacup
an oil can
a 6-inch by 5-inch tool box weighing 22 ounces
a 6-inch stone weighing two pounds
a baby powder can
a test tube
a ballpoint pen
a peanut butter jar
a flashlight
a turnip
a pair of eyeglasses
a hard-boiled egg
several tumblers and glasses
a file
a polyethylene waste trap from the U-bend of a sink
a Carbonundum grindstone with handle
concrete and a ping-pong ball.

From "News of the Weird".