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Thread: Is It A Crime?

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    Just as a side note -- on tonight's news, they played survelliance camera videotape from the mother's school. The SUV was backed into a space, up close to the school. The tape shows the woman get out of the driver's seat and immediately go to the rear hatch, where the donuts were stored, take out the large box, and pull down the liftgate, and walk towards the school. It was all a rather quick thing -- no rummaging around inside the car, no looking in the side windows, etc.

    One of the local TV stations has a phone-in poll (totally unscientific -- you can call as often as you like, no charge) and as of 6:30 this evening, about 70% of callers thought she should be prosecuted.

    One last bit of background about why passions are so high here: Exactly one year ago, Cincinnati went thru a horrific case of a young couple claiming their foster child had "wandered off" in a large suburban park. The community searched for DAYS for Marcus... then, it came out that the child (who was autistic) was put in a locked closet while the folks went out of town for the weekend. Upon return, the child was dead... so they burned his body in an outdoor fireplace, then dumped the remains off a bridge over the Ohio River. More than one individual (including the prosecutor) has mentioned "the Marcus Feisel effect" during coverage of the death of Cecilia Neselroad-Slaby.


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    On that note, a rugby player in Reno left his daughter in a car while he was in a brothel:

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