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Discuss Dead Beat Dad at the Non Wrestling Talk within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Originally Posted by Dart Shark This caused me to write a blog topic about it ...
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    Default Re: Dead Beat Dad

    Quote Originally Posted by Dart Shark View Post
    This caused me to write a blog topic about it on another sports blog site (AGM) and man, it didn't take anyone long to throw the race card out there.

    Apparently, according to this guy, "we have no business discussing this guy's personal life"

    He went on to accuse me of being a racist.

    Isn't America great.
    Dart- That was a heated discussion you got into over there. My oh my are people funny....

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    Default Re: Dead Beat Dad

    What is this, we're not supposed to talk about race?

    So what if someone called you a racist? If it doesn't apply, move on.

    I often rail against those who make judgments about others whose shoes they do not fill. In the present case, however, the facts speak loud and clear as to Henry's character (or lack thereof).

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    Default Re: Dead Beat Dad

    I don't make any case racial in any sense of the word.

    I've learned that the problem guy over there makes a racial statement everytime an athlete of said lineage is in the news for something less than positive.

    I was also surprised that no one over at AGM had noticed this about Henry. I even gave a plug for WT over here on what brought it up.

    Typical of some people that want to argue about why we shouldn't discuss something, they'll retort without thinking rationally and logically.

    Hell, they came at me for the steroid stuff in the WWE. They must really pay attention.

    I would encourage any of you "bloggers" out there that want to write some wrestling stuff, join up at AGM (ArmchairGM), it's an interesting mix of folks and different degrees of sports fans. Some are bloggers from larger "blogs" (if that really does exist), and they cross-post their stuff.

    Bluestater, Ideamark, I'm looking in your direction. Grips, this might be a place for you to spout off as well, Homer, you too! Let me know, i don't have any stake in the place, I was brought in by a random IM from one of my personal blogs and the wrestling response, while low, still gets reads and gets more exposure for our sport, not just each individuals' writing.

    If you want to join up, let me know, I'll shoot you the reg link.

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