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    Ok guys, what do you have in YOUR avatar?

    Mine shows a picture of Tiffany Eunick, the 6-year-old girl who was savagely beaten and stomped to death by Lionel Tate who was only 12 at the time that this tragic event took place. Lionel was supposedly showing the girl some wrestling moves which he watched on a WWE wrestling program (WWE Smackdown) that evening.

    Lionel was a then big burley 166lb. overweight boy, big for his age at the time. He's been classified as a schoolyard bully who intimidated the other kids in school who were weaker than he was.

    He used his weight to scare them and to get whatever he wanted from them, though it's been said that he never hit ayone, he DID however grab and lift a little girl up against a wall, leaving her terified of him. He then used his weight and size to overpower his playmate at home until she sadly succombed to his shear brute force while his mom took a nap upstairs! Tiffany weighed only 48lbs. He jumped down from the stairs (banister) and landed on her three times!!

    Always being protected, spoiled and pampered by his mom, she went to bat and bent over backwards for him many, many, many times until his luck finally ran out and his abusive ways landed him back in prison for at least 30 years!!

    Lionel is presently doing a 30-year sentence after he repeatedly violated his parole once he was eventually exonerated for the murder of the little girl.

    His orginal LIP term became a very controversial one at that time, as it came under heavy fire and had gained nationwide attention by many who thought that he was much too young to be sentenced that long - to spend the rest of his life in prison.

    But he just wouldn't stay out of trouble and ended up back behind bars.

    The long large braids shown in his victim's hair is an indication thst she must have had beautifully thick & lustrous hair! She was a cute and beautiful little girl, and her life was taken from her by a them overweight schoolyard bully!!

    There's a little girl who I met and tutored last week, and she looks almost like Tiffany!
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