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    FYI, they've mentioned Jordon Bedore, the center, a few times already and probably will a few more times. He was a 3X Kansas high school state champ in high school...

    FYI again, Gerard Spexarth, another lineman for the cats, played for my high school rival, and gave me my first ever concussion my sophomore year of high school and welcomed me to varsity football...
    Curtis Chenoweth
    wannabe national champ headed to a new home:walkman:

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    I know #51 Justin Roland, he was part of 3 state and dual state wrestling championships for Ponca City Oklahoma. I work with his Mom.
    He is Defensive Co-Captain.

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    What a heartbreaking finish. They beat Auburn up until the last few minutes and gave the game away. Way too many mental mistakes and the o line has a lot of improving to do before the Texas game. Even though my team lost, it was still a hell of a game though.
    Curtis Chenoweth
    wannabe national champ headed to a new home:walkman:

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    Along the same lines...

    I just returned from the Pitt v Eastern Michigan game.

    Pitt's starting middle linebacker is PA 215 state runner-up from 2004 - Scott McKillop. He was all over field tonight.

    Also on the team is Myles Caragein who won nations at Fargo at least once and was also a PA runner-up last year.

    Both of these guys could probably due quite well as Pitt's heavyweight.

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