I went to this game yesterday, and had a tremendous time. Iowa City itself was perfectly ok--nothing spectacular but a decent campus life feeling. I almost got ran over by a drunken student in an SUV. He literally came two inches from crashing through the guard rail that was my only defense. Don't know how he missed it.

But as soon as I saw Kinnick Stadium, I was impressed. First of all, it's a very pretty stadium made mostly of brick.

Then, before the game, the Air Force did a four-jet fly-by that was probably the best fly by I've ever seen. INCREDIBLY low. It looked like they were going to hit the scoreboard.

Next, Dan Gable was the honorary coach--they introduced him as such pre-game and he got a huge applause.

Sometime in the first half, there was a fight about 20 feet from me. An actual fist fight! It was the OSU section, and there were a couple Iowa guys in there. The Iowa guy started attacking one of the OSU fans, and when someone tried to break them up, he kept attacking! When the police came to arrest him and escort him from the section, they had to pull him away because he wouldn't stop charging! It was awesome!

The stadium and Iowa fans were impressively loud and hostile, and the game itself was great!

At halftime, they recognized Dan Gable, who will be retiring from the athletic department at the end of this calendar year. They had him out at midfield, listed his accomplishments, and he got a tremendous ovation from the entire crowd! I consider myself to be very lucky to have been there on that game day.

The last thing... at one point, on the scoreboard it said "Happy 65th, Jim Brown." I know it's a seemingly common name, but I was wondering if this is gg121and122?

Anyway, it was my favorite college game experience because of all those things, and that will be hard to top!