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Thread: Happy Birthday pdurant!

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    Default Happy Birthday pdurant!

    Very best wishes on your birthday, Peggy! Many happy returns!


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    Happy Birthday Peg.

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    To one of my favorite ladies in the world, one where we didn't start off well, but now know that friendships can grow, I really do, wish Peg a very happy birthday.

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday pdurant!


    I hope all's well with you and the family, and you have much to be happy about on your special day.

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday pdurant!


    Here's one for you from the past.
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    We used to play Clearfield all the time... but back to the good news.

    Happy Birthday!

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    Happy birthday Peggy
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    I just sent Peggy an email saying we missed her over here. Hopefully she'll pop back in soon!
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    Women Re: Happy Birthday pdurant!

    Wow - I figured you all had forgotten me by now. What a nice birthday surprise to hear from Stardust and then see this thread.

    I haven't been on any of wrestling forums for a few months. I've been super busy - not the least of which with helping get a student visa for my son, Luke, who flies to Belgium this coming Monday to pursue a two-year master's program in philosophy at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (founded in 1425....if you can wrap your mind around that!). The red tape for a student visa is a nightmare but it finally came and now the final preparations over the next few days....then I should have more time to enjoy my wrestling haunts and friends!

    When you get to be my age it is kind of hard to be excited about another birthday coming around but when you consider the alternative, it ain't too bad! Thank you all very much for your kind birthday wishes - hope all is well with all of you too. I have missed you. Hopefully, I'll be back soon as a regular participant!

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    Happy Birthday!
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